A diamond in progress…

I am part of a 5th-year program, which is an extended year of high school where my school pays for another year of college. Typically, in this program students land between 30 and 50 credits. I decided I didn’t want to stress myself out of overload so I took the alternate route in which we needed 100+ hours of volunteer, career exploration, or job shadowing. Then I’d graduate with a MEMCA certificate.

I was fine with the MEMCA certificate as it still showed a big accomplishment. I didn’t have to shoot for an associates degree. However, after deciding on Construction Mangement I found I could receive college credit for taking building trades and welding.

I went to my teacher and got the papers signed. With those magic papers, it’d add 16 credits to my pile. I knew it’d be close but these new credits might put me over an Associates. I talked to an advisor at Delta, he looked it all over and added credits. As long as I pass all my classes I will have enough credits. However, I needed a political science to meet the rest of the criteria for Delta’s General Education Associates. That class fit perfect and I am on now track to obtain an Associates.

Now after all that…Today was the first day I have felt proud of myself. Like today is proof that I’m doing something right and making something of myself. I am a whole semester and a half away from a degree yet I feel like I already have it. Today I felt my dad’s proud smile. Today to me means that I pushed through the tears and sorrow, and am finally seeing results of not giving up. I didn’t let it stop me. I was fearful and scared, but today I feel fearless and invincible.

God has changed something in me. I’m honestly not even sure what it is yet. All I know is I finally feel like I’m doing something right like I’m going to make something of myself.  I know that I am capable of more than I even thought.

I’ve always done very well in school and to take college classes in high school was nothing out of the ordinary. But, today when an associates degree became a reality I felt extra. It wasn’t just expected of me like good grades. I will be graduting high school with my high school diploma, MEMCA certificate, Michigan transfer agreement, and an Associates.

Image result for diamonds quotes     I would like to know who else has done that. If anyone. I worked hard to get here. No, I wasn’t valedictorian, salutatorian, or even in the top 10% of my grade, but yet I feel more accomplished. I have good grades/GPA in high school and have made the dean’s and vice presidents list for Delta. Then to add this list of diplomas/certificates I’ll get with just simply graduating high school…I feel on top of the world.

Ever since my dad died I’ve been striving to make him proud and today I feel like I finally did it. I know this isn’t the first time making my dad or any of my family proud, but it’s the first time I truly feel it deep in me. I never felt I’d be able to take that many classes in order to get an associates degree. I never thought I was good enough they said I’d need 60+ credits and I never saw myself being able. God carried me through.

I was beyond broken. Six years ago my life was nothing short of a mess and this is a Image result for diamonds quotesglimpse that the mess is a stepping stone to success. I cried and cried over my dad, my aunts, my grandpas/mas. Life won, but God is making a diamond out of me. All the pressures of life are making a diamond out of me. He found me in a pile of ashes and in him I am shining and succeeding.

He’s making diamonds out of all of us. Every failure and loss make us a little stronger, just like a diamond the strongest material in all the world. With refining and pressure, you’ll get there. Days like today with me will remind you it will all come together eventually and you’ll realize you’re doing something right. Keep your faith you’re doing great.





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