“Can’t never did anything”

I was told as a kid growing up “can’t never did anything” by my mom. Whenever we thought the task was too hard or we simply didn’t wanna do it and didn’t put in any effort to even try we’d say “I can’t” my mom would always tell us “can’t never did anything”. It challenged us to do better, try harder, and pull out all the stops in order to succeed.

Sometimes I’d still try and try and try and just not be able to get it figured out, others times I looked at it a little differently and got it right away. There was a sense of accomplishment that I did it. Even when I didn’t think I could.

However, tasks and things can tend to get harder the farther you go in life. More at stake. More to think about. More things to be effected by decisions.

I was scrolling through my favorite Pinterest boards a few days ago and this image popped up in my feed

It reminded me of some of those instances in which I told my mom I can’t and she told me can’t never did anything. I’ve come to learn over time that a lot of the time I can figure things out on my own. I try everything at my disposal to achieve success. I try to remember that I can do it, but not because of me.

I can do it because God. I can accomplish whatever is meant to be for me through God. It doesn’t mean I’ll succeed all the time, sometimes I fall flat on my face but that also teaches me a lesson.

There’s been a lot of can’t floating around in my mind lately. In regards to school in the spring I couldn’t justify driving to Ferris (an hour and a half away) for 1 single 50 minute class twice a week. There’s no way. I had to find a way around it. I did all I could. Emailed the professor, talked to my advisor, tried to figure out a different schedule. Nothing was working and it’s a class I have to have to move on and graduate. There was no option. I had to accept I can’t change it. I have to deal with it and make the best of it.

I had given up on it. Then one day I got looking at other class options and went to meet with my advisor.

Turns out I can take 2 extra classes a semester and graduate early. It didn’t solve not being here 4 day a week next semester, but it added on another class on Monday and Wednesday. which at least made my drive time and class time a little more comparable. I had completely given up hope. I threw in the towel and accepted how it was. Then God comes in and gives me an even better solution honestly.

However, prerequisites are something to keep track of. I can’t take this without that or I can’t move on before completing this class. I can’t do it if I can’t fit all my classes in without scheduling conflicts. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.

When thinking about funding and work when I decided to add on more classes. I know I can’t work only that 1 day a week. Financially, we can’t do it. We need my extra (although little) income coming in. God said hold on. Talk to your boss, figure out plan. Take advantage of the next few months and learn something new you can bring to the table. I talked to my boss and we were on the same page with it.

There were a lot of I can’t. A lot of doubt. A lot of variables up in the air. There still is honestly. It’s like a domino effect and if A isn’t successful then B won’t be. So on and so forth.

Here is what I came to the conclusion of. If it’s meant to happen it will. I will do everything I can. Anything string I can possibly pull. I’ll do everything in my power to make it a success. But there’s a certain point in which I’ve done all I can do. I have to trust God with the rest. I have to know and believe I did everything I can and leave it to God. Be ready to accept whatever the outcome may be.

I have a hard time letting go and handing over control to somebody else. Even God. So this part is especially hard. but God has yet to fail me. It may not be the outcome I wanted or expected. Sometimes it’s better. Sometimes God says not today, I’ve got this instead. It’s like a relay race. You go for your portion or for as far as you can then hand it off. He will finish it out.

Never let your can’ts tell you anything is impossible. Do everything you can. Everything in your power to get it done. However, acknowledge those times where it’s time to step back and give it to God. Believe you’ve done all you can and it’s up to him now. He won’t fail you. It’s true “Can’t never did anything”, but its also true that where you can’t God can.

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