“My fear doesn’t stand a chance”

Since freshman year of high school, I had decided exactly what I wanted to do with my life. From which college I wanted to attend to what career I wanted. I decided on Wildlife and Fisheries biology and wanted to go to LSSU to get my bachelors degree. I then planned on getting into the DNR as one of their biologists.

That was until about 3 months ago…On my umpteenth hour, I had spent weeding for my job my mind started to wander. I was missing building trades and had been thinking about it a lot around that time.

The thought never crossed my mind before to change degree options, like I said since freshman year I knew what I wanted and just how to get it. Yet in 11th grade, a girl, who had previously graduated from my school, was going through the Ferris State University construction degree program. She came in and talked to us about not writing the trades off as a career.

I thought it was cool but was sticking to my guns. Then after 3 years of welding and starting building trades, I found a love for the trades and found I’m actually pretty decent with some help and guidance. I began thinking I could actually do this, but soon shot myself down because I had a plan already. I was afraid to stray from it.

Yet, on that hot, sunny day when all I had to do was pull weeds, I had myself almost completely talked into it. I looked at it this way. More job opportunity to put a degree, I pay lots of money for, to work. The job market is astronomically different between the two and I couldn’t help but to at least check into it.

By that night I had talked to my trades/welding teacher, my mom, my grandma, my boyfriend, and lastly my dad. The idea was becoming more and more doable in my mind. I talked to that same girl that came in during 11th grade and set it in stone. No questions asked I wanted to do it.

That week I talked to my counselor and got classes readjusted to follow a construction management degree. I contacted Ferris academics center and advising. I jumped in feet first. I was throwing every single plan I had laid out in the trash, yet, I wasn’t a bit afraid.

Ever since then it’s all I can think about and my fears are gone. I know I can get a job with a degree I already love and have experience in. I went from years of planning to throw it away within a day. I knew it was the right move for me because of the fact that I had no idea how I was going to do anything and I was ok and knew I’d figure it out. All I did before was worry about not being about to get a biology-related job with it being a specialized and small field.

IMG_0531I left it to God. I honestly believe this is what I’m supposed to do with my life. I can be an inspiration to women to go into a trade. I can potentially pursue my dream of having my own business one day. It’s in my blood something I’m familiar with. There’s more job opportunity, especially right now, and opportunity to stay closer to family and friends. I jumped in feet first for one reason and one reason only…God will guide me I don’t have to be afraid of what I want.

Biology obviously wasn’t for me and he let me know. Up to this point he has made everything work out just right to where I don’t question a thing. I have practically no plans compared to before and I feel more at peace now.

We get so caught up in planning for the future we forget to see what’s right in front of us, I had no idea I’d end up here just by taking building trades senior year. I was overplanned honestly and God hit the brakes. There’s a bigger plan we can’t see and it drives the planner side of me crazy. But times like these makes me see why it is this way. Who knows maybe this is how I carry out part of my dad’s legacy. Maybe my business will be a Christan based company who helps kids get into the trades. Maybe this will be another way I tell my story and inspire others. Maybe just maybe this is what I was put here for, my purpose.

I now tell people I will be attending Ferris State University a year from now to pursue a degree in Construction Management and that’s where it ends. The rest is up to God. My fear doesn’t stand a chance against my God. He will take care of me.

This is a newer song I just heard today and it really hit home for me with everything that’s been going on with my career change the last few months. Really listen to the lyrics. God wants to help you too. He’s just waiting for you to let him in…


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