The Present is a Gift

Some people get caught up in the past and never move on, others are constantly looking to the future. The problem with this? They miss what’s going on right now.

The past tends to creep into our minds way too much for many reasons. Although it is important, often times we dwell on it more than we should. It’s nothing we can change or redo no matter how much we’d like to. That five minutes we should have spent with family or those words you regret saying. It’s all a part of your past.

Every decision you’ve ever made, good or bad, reflects who you are today. It has shaped you into who you are.

The future also tends to be something we dwell on. Whether it be worrying about a job or where you’ll live. Everyone thinks to the future probably multiple times a day, even if it only might be hours in the future. Thinking about the future is not an all bad thing, it’s good to plan and have goals. But, just like the past, it distracts us from what is really important.

Every decision you decide to make, good or bad, will one day reflect who you are.

The one very important component we miss is the present. The here and now. So many of us are dwelling on the past or worrying about the future we can’t enjoy what’s going on right in front of us.

I’m a victim of this in a million different ways. My past means precious memories with loved ones and I look back pretty much daily. My future means college, a family, and life of my own. I often forget to enjoy today.

I am a huge planner, my spontaneous activity is slim to none, I like to know what I’m doing, where, when, and how. I’m just one of “those” people. I overthink and overanalyze. It’s just who I am. But on the other hand. I have goals and 95% of the time I know EXACTLY how I will accomplish those goals, not much will stand in my way.

I have the rest of my education pretty much planned to a T, have since practically freshman year. However, it’s kind of drawn away from me truly enjoying my last year of high school. My senior year. Because I chose to take college classes I miss out on a lot, most I don’t miss, but the whole “senior year” atmosphere I am.

The thing is after my dad died one of the things that stuck with me is that you live every day like it’s your last. We aren’t guaranteed the next day and can’t change the day before, all you have is now. I am just as guilty as anyone else for dwelling on the past or over planning the future.

It is hard to live in this moment. There’s so much to do. Especially at my age. I’m always thinking ahead. It drives my boyfriend crazy, he always tells me there’s plenty of time. Yet, in the next second, I’ll get caught looking at the amazing sunset God painted across the sky that night. I can get lost in it.

It is hard to do. But I challenge anyone who is reading this to make a New Years Resolution to enjoy this moment. A single moment.  Don’t think about the past or future, just get lost in what’s going on around you.

Live every day to its fullest, don’t waste a single second. The past will always be who you are today, the future will always be something to look forward to. Now take a break from both and enjoy the little things. Hug a loved one a little longer, take that picture, and stare at the sunset until the sky is black.

Life gets hectic. Stop. Just simply enjoy what you have now.



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