My God is greater than this virus

I have tried to refrain from sharing posts on social media about this coronavirus…I see no point in arguing on Facebook with somebody that you can’t and shouldn’t force to see things the way you do.

However, plenty of my friends have shared posts and comments over the last couple months. I’ve read some that make good points and other not so nice arguments with people that are close to one another.

I’ve looked at both sides. I’ve marinated my thoughts on one “side” vs the other because let’s be real America can’t just leave differences aside and stand together on something. There’s always division of sides.

Here’s what I see. Fear. Media induced fear. Neighbor turn against neighbor. Friend against friend. And even families turning on one another.

I won’t share my political affiliations. I won’t even share my stance on the many many topics surrounding the virus. However, I will share my faith.

When this first started it was terrifying. I was in Tennessee on spring break not knowing what we’d come home to. It was just chaos. At that point it was too soon to tell what all this really meant and what would happen in the months to come.

But if I’m honest, I don’t think I ever jumped on the bandwagon of fear. I was more scared that my schooling went of the train tracks and not being able to work, but I just don’t remember me ever being afraid of the virus itself.

I wasn’t afraid of getting it. Wasn’t afraid to continue on with life as normal. And I still feel that same way. As stated before I’m not going to go into why as far as what I’ve seen or heard because I believe both sides have fed us exactly what they want us to hear.

I’ve stated my opinion that 6 weeks later I’m ready to move on. I’m tired of living “in fear” and if others chose to well that’s their choice but I’m tired of being bullied into feeling bad for taking this stance. I won’t be bullied into being seen as a criminal for driving to town to donate plasma (which saves lives but nobody knows that I’m going there or cares cause you’re “supposed” to be confined to your house).

I 100% believe if it’s my time to go then it’s my time to go. I have a better life waiting for me in heaven. Whether it be I’m hit by a bus, die from the virus, or just drop dead. I 100% believe that if God has it in my plan to get the virus I will and if it’s in his plan for me not to then I won’t.

I believe that staying cooped up in the house isn’t going to help anything, especially your immune system. We need the sun and we need the fresh air.

What we don’t need is bullying. We don’t need judgment. We don’t need name calling. We don’t need finger pointing.

Which is exactly what I’ve watched unfold on Facebook. I’ve had civil conversations. I’ve had less than civil conversations. All with people I genuinely enjoy keeping in touch with on Facebook. All with people I consider friends or family.

I’m not naive and I do know this virus is real. I know it’s out there and I know it’s spreading. But I also know the media gets their hands on something and run with it.

It’s each individuals choice how we respond to the media coverage. How it impacts you. How you decide to use it for your life. However, it is up to EACH INDIVIDUAL. Not your neighbor, not your friend, not your cousin, not your sister.

I have chosen to not be afraid. And let me clarify, I can live my life without fear and still be smart about things. It is possible. I can go to the store and use hand sanitizer as I walk out. I can keep my distance from someone in line.

However, the mass hysteria that this world has encountered is not something I’m going to take part of.

I understand people are dying and that is horrible, but people die everyday and will continue. It is a fact of life, and just because the death certificate says COVID1-19 doesn’t make their life anymore important than someone who dies in a car accident. I understand people are suffering on breathing tubes and hooked up to machines, and I believe the pain is unimaginable but people who suffer from domestic violence and mental illness suffer as well and will continue to everyday.

This country has a hierarchy of importance. And right now the top of that pyramid is COVID-19 patients either in the hospital or that have died, we don’t even acknowledge those that have survived and fought with every fiber in their body to overcome it!

God tells us to love all. Love as he loves us and love our neighbors as ourselves. This means we think and care for children’s missing meals because they rely on school food, college students ready to drop out because online is too much, domestic violence victims all bruised up, single parents who can’t get unemployment and are laid off work, nurses and doctors fighting on the front lines watching these people die everyday, people infected with the virus fighting for their lives, people who have died from the virus, people who die for reasons other than the virus. ALL PEOPLE.

To some I will come off as heartless, selfish, and self-centered, but I’ll set the record straight now I simply care about more than just the people with the corona label.

My God is stronger than this virus. He will carry me through. If I get the virus and it’s my time to go then I have pearly gates to walk through and it’s my time. If not then God has more for me to do down here.

I’m not living in fear. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with my faith. I trust God with my life. Virus or not. And this virus isn’t going to get in my way. Satan wants me to live in fear. And I won’t give into him. It’s as simple as that.

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