Glorify God. Be real women.

In today’s society, we as women, are pushed in a way to believe we don’t “need” men. We have come too far in history to rely on them. We’ve fought too hard for “equal rights”. In other words “we can do anything men can do”…

However, I completely disagree with many of these feminist driven statements and not because of what they stand for, but instead of how they are said. And yes, this is coming from a woman who has usually chosen to be a part of a “man’s world” most of her life.

My career is considered a man’s world still. Construction company positions, even office work, is still typically held for men. That being said women are finding their place and even in the field. Not to mention my degree is in Construction Management and most (not all, but most) do not take kindly to taking orders from a woman in a higher position in a field they “don’t belong”. Their respect is virtually nonexistent in a lot of cases.

My hobbies revolve around bows, guns, camo, and fishing poles. Whether it be standing in a river, sitting in a tree stand, or chasing dogs through the woods, I’m typically right in the mix. Many may think I only do it because Eric does, but in all honesty I began at a younger age than even he did.

The thing is my Dad is the reason I do all of this. Why I’m comfortable “hanging with the guys”, didn’t matter what it was that he was doing. If we were interested and wanted to help or go with him he took us and taught us as he was taught. He raised us to be the boys he didn’t get.

So, with that being said, you’d think I’d be all for pushing women to do everything men can do and beyond. After all I’ve done that my whole life and will continue too. However, I see a few things wrong with how society view women these days.

First off, God didn’t make me a man. He made me a woman. Simple as that. I’m all for supporting other women in all of their endeavors, but He created Eve from Adam’s rib. Not the other way around. Without Adam, there wasn’t an Eve. God chose to create mankind that way for a reason. He gave us different characteristics then men, for reasons such as raising kids and running a household. Man or woman, we all have our instincts that kick in differently than the other gender.

“Man and woman are: equal in value, different in nature, and complementary in purpose.” – Peter Kreeft

Second, we are physically different. Sure women can go to the gym and out lift, run faster, or out bench men in the gym. But physically we still typically have limits that men can easily exceed. Men may be able to carry 100s of lbs a day, but who carries and births babies? We’re just stronger in different ways.

I suppose my point in all of this is that women are made to be women. Not to try and be a man. Our psychology and physiology are different, there’s no way around that. God made us to do the things that man COULDN’T. Not try and compete to do the things men already can do. I absolutely will pursue my career in a mans field, but not because “I can do it cause a man can do it”. Instead it will be to bring new, fresh ideas to job sites. To bring a new perspective and in all honesty just do what I love.

I will continue to hunt and fish and just “hang with the guys” not because I’m trying to prove anything. But just because I grew up doing it, it’s tradition, and it’s a lifestyle. My best memories have been and are made in the woods.

The idea isn’t to somehow rise above men, but to work at their side as God intended. To do what they can’t and they do what we can’t. God put Adam and Eve in that garden together for one another, to work together, to both contribute in their own unique ways. We are equal, not in society’s eyes, but in Gods eyes.

There is a post on Facebook I will share every year, because I couldn’t imagine any better way to put it…because there is a place for women in construction. There’s a place for women to welding. There’s a tree waiting for a woman to sit in just like the boys and a gun waiting to be held like a baby. There’s a little girl that needs to be shown she can do it too, just in her own way.

“Our generation is so busy trying to prove that women can do everything men can do, women are losing the unique qualities that set us apart. The God-given femininity & unique way our Creator designed us. Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do…. Women were created to do everything a man can’t do.

The lioness does not try to be the lion. She embraces her role as the lioness. She is powerful, strong, and nurturing. She does not mistake her meekness for weakness. The world needs more kind, compassionate, humble, faithful, persevering, confident, fierce, bold, pure, and tender-hearted women.”

This world needs to start focusing on supporting women for being women. Every emotional, complicated, overthinking, extravagant part. And most importantly we need to step back and be who God made us to be, partners and “helpmates” for men. Not competitors. I will ALWAYS encourage more women to get into the outdoors to hunt, fish, camp, hike whatever it may be. I will ALWAYS encourage them to have a little fun trying to catch a bigger fish than the guys and clean your own kill and drag it out. I will ALWAYS motivate someone get into the trades through school whether that be building trades, welding, wood working, or mechanical work. And it will ALWAYS be my goal to be an inspiration to future little girls to push our way onto construction sites. However I will also always push fellow women to remember to do all these things while embracing who we are instead of trying to be somebody we aren’t supposed to be. To bring our own spin to things. Shake up the “normal”. Let me tell you in construction I’ve gotten quite creative with things. I can do the same jobs, just might take me a little longer with lifting or take more trips, but you better believe I’ll get it done.

This doesn’t mean we let men walk all over us. It doesn’t mean we let men think they are superior simply because they’re men. It doesn’t mean we are less. And it doesn’t mean they have any room to say “you can’t cause you’re a girl”. Because they’re are things we can do that they can’t. There are things we are better at than they are.

Women are such amazing beings, stop trying to escape what makes us unique just to be a “worldly feminist” and just be a feminist by simply supporting other women for just being women. Be the woman who does need a man for certain things, and here’s a secret because we actually do. Embrace our womanly nature. Equality is a battle we will never win, because honestly we weren’t meant to be equal in Gods eyes. We don’t have to be equal to men to mean something and contribute to this world.

We do it in our own way and to the side of men. We need men and men need women. We compliment each other, we complete each other, and we even contradict each other. But that’s what makes the world turn. If men and women were the “same” as this world says we need to be there would be no room for new, different, overthought ideas for men’s brains to digest and use.

For decades women have gotten out in the world and kicked butt. Opportunities are endless. The sky is the limit. Strong women have paved a way for years to ensure women have a say in this world. Take advantage of that, as a women, because it’s your passion. Not because there’s something to prove. We’ve proved ourselves for years. Those years are over. Now, we do cause we want to, not cause we can.

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