Conquer the darkness

In the last few weeks our country has experienced so much unrest. Between one of the most important elections in our history, pointing fingers across party lines, and deciding who’s right and who’s wrong. The turmoil has turned neighbor against neighbor and own families against one other. We now sit almost a full week after the said, most important election in our history, and still no president. Nobody knows what to believe. Each side is pushing whatever they want to be heard, and the media just keeps adding fuel to the fire. Nobody knows how “America as we know it” will change with either candidate winning the presedential seat. There’s just so much out of our control.

Not to mention we’re on month 8 of what most people consider to be the year of the hunger games. Seems like anything and everything goes and we’re fighting to the death. Stocking up on everything from toilet paper to guns and ammo, ready for an apocalypse. Pretty gruesome huh…

However, luckily for me I know my God will see me through it and that gives me the faith to know I don’t have to fear what’s going on around me, or what the future holds for this world. I know when I lay my head down at night it’s in God’s control. From the first day the country started to lose it over the corona virus through this election and everything inbetween.

As Christians we are told to trust in the Lord with all our hearts, with no wavering or hesitation. When life is good and all is well it’s easy to do, but when times get tough it really tests our faith. Our human nature often sides with satan to create the mindset that we must be in control, God isn’t there to help, and he doesnt care.

This world needs us now more than ever to prove that he does care. He is here and he wants to help you. We are created in the image of God for a reason. We’re here on this earth as servants, to bring as many people to God as we can for as long as we’re here. We’re here to show others that God will come into your heart and take over your life, you just simply have to let him in. We’re here to show them that his mercy is unwavering and unconditional.

Jesus came to this earth to die for us, to cleanse us of our sins and he didn’t have to. He chose to, because he loves us. It’s times like these that we, as Christians, are an example to the world. A light in the darkness of what’s around us. We should be yelling the gospel from the rooftops. Praying for everyone, even if you don’t agree with recent decisions or beliefs. Loving others as he loves us. Lately, God has put it on my heart to be more open about my faith I believe it’s for a reason. In areas such as voting based on Biblical alignment, not candidates or party lines. Or where and why I stand on issues, and simply not giving into society because that’s what they deemed “acceptable”. Instead, I chose to stand by the word of God.

It’s hard to trust God as we should with so much uncertainty in the world, but I believe the corona virus, as well as anything else that Pandora’s box has opened, is God’s way of telling us to stop and examine what we’ve done to this world. What we’ve done to make it the way it is. Stop and think about your day to day life.

Do you pray everyday? Multiple times a day? Do you read your devotionals and/or Bible? Do you go to church every week? Do you talk to classmates/coworkers about God? Do you hide your faith? Do you blame Him for all of this hurt and pain the world is going through? I know I struggle with a lot of these quesitons, and don’t take part in near as much as I should. As a college student in my second year, I always have something on my mind whether it be school, working whenever I can, wedding planning, getting ready move out, hunting, and everyday life in general.

I will be the first to say my relationship with God is the first thing to suffer. It’s the first thing to get beat out of my busy schedule. I get so tied up thinking of my ” next”, whatever that may be, that I don’t stop and take care of my relationship with God in that moment. It’s so easy to fall out of rhythm. You tell yourself that one day won’t hurt. Then it’s two. Then it’s a week. Then you can’t remember the last time. God should take priority over all other things. No matter what they are or how important you think they are. Life gets busy and quick, but God doesn’t ever forget about you or push you off till tomorrow. It should go both ways.

I think it’s safe to say we were due for a wake up call. This country needs God back in our everyday life. He sure did give us time to think with 2 months of quarantine, nothing to do and nowhere to go.

We need to set aside time and spend the 30 minutes a day doing devotions and studying our bible. We need to pray without ceasing. We need to check in on each other. And then we need to leave it to God.

I was told at a farily young age that I would nevery die. That Jesus will come back in my lifetime. I never believed it becuase I was so young, but you’d have to be blind to not see what is brewing at the end of all of this chaos.

God is giving us the opportunnity to turn to him instead of away. To give everything to him and never look back. To use this time to teach others about the word and what Jesus did for us. To bring as many people as we can to know Christ and come to Heaven with us when it’s time. It’s a scary thought unless you know where you’re going, but to me it’s scarier to even think about what I’d have to face or go through if I stayed here.

So I challenge you with this. As much as satan wants you to micromanage your life around the what-if’s and fear sitting in you right now, throw it out. Give it to God. Focus your energy on him and he will not fail you. Christians have this amazing opportunity to spread the Bible like lightning bugs across a field on a summer night. A few of us may not make a huge difference, and our light can’t last forever. But, when we start getting jostled around we shine brighter and brighter as we all come together for the same cause.

This world is filled with darkness right now. Our government is full of deception and corruption, our citzens more divided than united. This is our time to shine. The end times are coming with more and more acceleration. Don’t waste what time we have worried about material things, they stay here. Spend time with what’s eternal and will last forever, maybe even help someone else find their eternity.

This election will end with a president you may or may not like, but God put him there. And we should pray for him and our country no matter the outcome. The corona virus will run it’s course, while God is watching over us. And we should pray for health and well being of our fellow Americans. There isn’t a single thing happening now that wasn’t meant to be. It’s hard to understand now, but God will reveal the plan in time.

In the meantime, armor up, and get ready to battle for our God. Satan may have had a good run, but his reign in this world needs to end. It’s time we take on the darkeness and spread the light.

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