You can only disappoint yourself

From the time I was old enough to walk my dad had me out in the woods with him whether it was hunting, fishing, or getting ready to either one of them. It helped us create such an inseparable bond.

With that being said, after he died I wasn’t really sure what to do. Even though I had been doing it all my life at only 12 I still had so much to learn. Now my teacher is gone. I have others who help me out and who I can watch.

That’s just not the same tho, I’m used to having someone by my side. So now that there isn’t anyone I’m trying to figure stuff out on my own. How I want to go about things in my own way.

Last year I didn’t get out in my stand much at all. My sister always holds that against me. Or that I don’t hunt at all anymore. Blah, blah, blah is all I hear, because I don’t need her approval of what I do.

Sure I didn’t get out much but I went when I wanted honestly. It’s like it’s a dis on me because I used to hunt with my dad so much.

When she first started mentioning it, it kind of made me upset. Like I wasn’t doing something right or that I was disappointing my dad. I soon realized that couldn’t be more wrong.

I’ve decided to let her smart remarks and comments just go in one ear and out the other because I don’t have time for that kind of negativity in my life. I know that no matter what I do my dad would be proud of me.

Just because I wasn’t in my tree stand every single night doesn’t mean anything so what, neither was he. And there is absolutely no problem in that, there’s no rule book to hunting.

The thing is if you feel like you’re not doing something good enough or are a disappointment remember that you can never disappoint the ones who truly love you and are there for you. Life doesn’t come with a cheat sheet on how to go about it. Everyone has their own “best” way.

So don’t ever feel like you’re a failure comparing yourself to someone else or even a version of yourself. Everyone has their own path to find. A lot of people will struggle, but if you believe you are doing the best you can nothing else matters.

I had a very hard time trying to compare myself to what I thought my dad would be proud of. Truth is it’s just who I am now, who I’m striving to be. He would be proud no matter what whether I hunt or not. Obviously it’s a huge part of me so I will, but that’s not the point.

My point is my dad would’ve supported me through anything and was always beaming in pride about all his girls. Days in a tree stand don’t compare to what I’ve accomplished or whats yet to be accomplished. I decided I am not a disappointment to my dad, nor will I ever be.

Don’t give up or let anyone tell you you’re doing it wrong. Only you can decide that.




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